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Konjac noodle as known as shirataki noodle.konnyaku noodle. Which is made from the root of a plant called Amorphophallus Konjac grown in various parts of Asia. The Japanese word "Shirataki" translates to "white waterfall" indicative of the glass like appearance of the noodles. In China it is called Moyu(魔芋Miracle yam) or Juruo(蒟蒻).
Ator Import And Export Company can provide wet konjac noodle and dried konjac noodle.

Wet konjac(shirataki) noodle have the following shape.

1.    angel hair

2.    spaghetti

3.    fettuccine

4.    penne

5.    orzo

6.  knot
7. Lasagne

How the noodle be made:

Dried shirataki(konjac)  noodle,the shape is the same as the normal instant noodle. But it is not fried.


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