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What pasta has the most protein?

As we know, the konjac noodles is high in Fibre, but low protein. So we developed
a new product, it makes up for the disadvantage.

The dry bean pasta is made
from organic bean, it is high in protein(content is around 40%),
low fat, crude fibre. it contains
the multivitamins and essential amino acids, playing an
important role in the nutrition of human tissue cells.
Moreover, it has a variety of minerals,
prevent the osteoporosis caused by lack of calcium, promote bone development

We use 100% non-GMO, organic beans (yellow soybean, green soybean and black
soybean), without any chemical additives , no coloring or preservatives, no herbicide,
pesticides and prohibits.


The process is with cold pressed techique, removed fat from orginal soybean , it is good for
physical health.

We have yellow soybean pasta, black soybean pasta and gree soybean pasta, both
spaghetti and fettuccine type for your choice.

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