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How do you plant Konjac? Part4 the konjac harvest
Last week we talked about The field management of Konjac, now it is harvest time. 

The entire growth period of Konjac is about 7 months. When the local stems are yellow and inverted,
they can be harvested. The best harvest period is about 1 month after the seedlings are planted in October.

The underground tubers can continue to grow within 1 month after the seedlings are poured.
If there is not much rain after pouring the seedlings, the frost and snow are not big, and the weather is warmer,
the harvesting time can be appropriately delayed to increase the output.

After the excavation of the konjac, the cockroaches and the scars are
separately spread out. After the water is blown, they are stored on the indoor floor or on the floor of the
moisture-proof material such as linoleum, or processed or sold.

It will be processed to konjac flour, then we use the konjac flour to make the konjac noodles. 

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