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Why is the shelf life of konjac noodles different?

Why is the shelf life of konjac noodles different?

1. Raw Material :

Pure organic and normal konjac noodles are pure traditional konjac powder,and all are very stable.
However the odorless konjac noodle is made from purely refined normal konjac powder.

And the vegetable- flavored konjac noodles are made from konjac powder with :spinach,carrot,basil, oat,seaweed all are natrual vegetables,and the color fades after 6 months.
Generally,Vegetable would make the konjac noodles more nutritious, which would make the shelf life shorter than pure konjac.

2. the Production Process:
During the pure konjac noodles, the odorless konjac goes through more complicated technology, and it cause the odorless konjac having less shelf life.

3. Testing
We have been focusing on normal/organic konjac food for almost 15 years, Our technology can meet the 18-month shelf life requirements. While the odorless konjac just started 4 years ago, and the 14-month shelf of odorless konjac noodle is based on our aging test.

We could make sure our quality 100% meet the standard of the certificate:
 HACCP,IFS,BRC,FDA, QS ,KOSHER, Halal, and Organic( JAS,NOP,EC).

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