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What are Shirataki Noodles made from?


The Shirataki noodle is made from konjac root/konjac flour.


Konjac flour is a subterranean tuber of the perennial herb konjac (Amorophophallus Konjak), which is dried and pulverized and then fractionated by airflow.
Its main component is glucomannan.

konjac flour has very high viscosity and forms a tough gel under certain conditions and synergistically acts on many food colloids.

Therefore, konjac flour can be widely used in various fields of the food industry. In addition, because konjac powder also has the effect of lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar,
it is still a valuable medical raw material.

it can remove harmful substances in the body and absorb carcinogens. konjac has the title of "anti-cancer magic clothes".
The konjac not only can help to lose weight but also effectively Calcium supplementation.

So Konjac shrataki noodles is an alkaline food that has the effect of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, and losing weight.

So far we have dried shirataki noodles and wet shirataki noodles.

The ingredients for the dried shirataki noodles are konjac flour,tapioca starch,maltose syrup,citric acid. The shelf life is 18months

The ingredients of wet shirataki noodles are konjac flour, calcium hydroxide, water.  The shelf life is 18 months.

Also we have other options with the ingredients like Oat, Spinach, Carrot,Tomato and so on.  The spinach noodles we use the spinach flour ,

 the Carrot noodles we use the cartenne, the oat noodles we use the oat fibre. The flavored type will begin fade after 3 months, it is normal, because the raw material is natural.

The wet type is precooked, it can be ready to eat meal within 2 minutes.

From this, you see, The konjac shirataki noodles is healthy and convenient. It will bring you a new life.

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