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Where can I find konjac shirataki noodles?
Where can I find konjac shirataki noodles?

The konjac noodles have no real flavor but absorb flavors instead. In China, especially factory-ATORFOOD,
we have our brand WOOSLIM for personal consumption, also we support OEM for reselling customers.

But does konjac shirataki noodle smell ?

when you open the konjac shirataki noodle bag , it contains fishy-smelling liquid,
which is caused by konjac flour itself and high temperatural sterilizition,but it is harmless.
Therefore, it's important to rinse noodle 2-3 times under fresh running water.

Is there no fishy-smell konjac shirataki noodles? Where to buy?
Here are some options-natural konjac foods:
1. Atorfood- top grade konjac noodles.
2. Atorfood- natural flavored konjac noodles : konjac oat, konjac carrot, konjac spinach.

How do we make no fishy smell konjac noodles ¨C Top grade konjac ?
The top grade konjac noodle is made from top grade konjac flour,which is 100% completely refined after normal konjac flour.
Here is the procedure of refiend top grade:

What are the differences between the organic, normal, top grade konjac noodles ?

How do we make vegetable flavored konjac noodles ?
We add natural vegetables as the ingredients, and the shelf life is 12 months ¨C 14months.
The konjac flour smell is mixed with vegetables smell, so the fishy smell is very light while vegetable smell is stronger.

ATORFOOD we have various konjac foods, welcome to contact us for all inquiries~

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